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Time : 01:05 (pm)

Date : 23/09/2014

Day : Tuesday

Really simple calendar plugin is a simple joomla calendar for joomla. The plugin is easy to use and plug n play.

Download Really Simple Calendar Here


- How to Install

The procedure is straightforward and simple. Just install the zip file through the extensions manager and you're ready to go.

- How to create an event

In order to create an event, you have to create a category first. In order to do that, go to Components -> Vissit Event Calendar

Then go to Categories (it's on the top left corner) and create the categories that you want (etc festivals, races and so on).

After you create the categories that you want, go to Events (it's on the top left corner as well). There you can create the event title, description and set the date that the event will take place. You also have the option to include a url in the event url field. After the event is ready, simply click save & close. 

You will now notice that the event will be displayed on the event calendar.

-How to create an event page.

The procedure is the same as creating a menu item. Go to menu -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item and from the menu item field select vissiteventcalendar. Simply save and you're ready.

-How to create an event module?

The process is the same as any other module. Simply find vissit event calendar module and set it in the position that you want.

-How to edit the colour of vissit event calendar?

In order to edit the colours, go to Components -> Vissit Event Calendar and click the options button on the top right corner. There you'll see that you have two tabs, the one is called Event Display and the other Calendar Colours. You can make any modifications that you want from there.